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    Philippe Goldin, PhD was born and raised in New York City. He graduated from the Bronx High School of Science. He obtained a B.A. in Asian Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He spent 6 years in India and Nepal studying various languages, Buddhist philosophy and analytic debate at Namgyal Monastery and the Dialectic Monastic Institute, and serving as an interpreter for several Tibetan Buddhist lamas. He then returned to the U.S. to complete a Ph.D. in Psychology at Rutgers University where he trained as a clinical psychologist and cognitive-affective neuroscientist.

    He directed the Clinically Applied Affective Neuroscience laboratory in the Department of Psychology at Stanford University for a decade and is now an assistant professor and founding faculty in the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at the University of California Davis Health System. His NIH-funded clinical research focuses on (a) functional neuroimaging investigations of cognitive-affective mechanisms in adults with anxiety and chronic pain disorders, (b) differential effects of mindfulness meditation, cognitive-behavioral therapy and aerobic exercise on brain-behavior correlates of emotional reactivity and emotion regulation, and (c) compassion meditation training in healthy adults. Dr. Goldin helped develop the Search Inside Yourself program at Google and also the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI.org) which delivers mindfulness-based emotional intelligence and leadership skills training programs world-wide. He is the proud father of two daughters and humble husband to an amazing wife, all of whom are his life-long teachers.